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Relax, Rejuvenate, and Reflect

Now that sophomore year is in full swing, I am getting busier than ever. Midterms are piling up, homework assignments are never-ending, and due dates for different projects are ominously looming over me. At the same time, I am juggling several different organizations and a ten-hour work week. But in between all the chaos of things to do, I have found moments to simply unwind. And really, there is no better campus to relax, rejuvenate, and reflect than here at USC.

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Just about anywhere on campus, you can settle down and take a well-deserved break. There are plenty of cozy libraries, cafes, shops, and other buildings where you can chill, but a spot I highly recommend is the Ronald Tutor Campus Center—not only is it arguably the prettiest building on campus, but it also offers a wide selection of food choices. There’s Seed’s, a grocery-like shop that makes delicious sandwiches and salads; there’s the lovely Lemonade that specializes in fresh and healthy eating; and there’s your typical food court, with well-known chains like Panda Express, Carl’s Junior, and California Pizza Kitchen. With so many options, RTCC is the perfect lunchtime location!


As for peaceful places that are not so crowded all the time, I enjoy studying (and yes, sometimes sleeping) in underrated spots like Hoose Philosophy library in Mudd Hall and LiteraTea, a small café connected to Doheny Library. Tucked away in quieter corners of campus, they are charming, elegant, and perfectly serene.

philosophy library   literatea

But if quiet time isn’t your cup of tea, the gym can also be a therapeutic place. At USC, we have our very own Lyon Center which offers all kinds of facilities and resources: basketball courts, weight training rooms, cycling areas, yoga mats, ping pong tables, etc. Whenever I need a break, I head to Lyon for a quick workout session. Afterwards, not only do I feel accomplished (and sweaty), but I also have the energy to focus in my next class!


But what makes SoCal so special is the weather that’s so nice ALL YEAR ROUND. Above all, my favorite thing to do between classes is find a nice place to sit down near Trousdale, the very center street of campus. There are endless benches, fountains, and grassy areas where you can chat with friends, meditate, read a book, and just soak up the warm Californian sun. But the coolest part is when you tilt your head up, you can see—what I think is—the most beautiful part of USC. Set against a palette of blue sky and white clouds, the gorgeous red brick buildings look like a castle in a movie. The sun’s rays are shining down on you, the trees are swaying ever so gently, and the people walking back and forth are all smiling and laughing. It is this exact scene that made me fall in love with USC.



Posted on October 5, 2013 by Alina


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