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Saturdays in the Spring

Hi readers!

I’m a fan of the Fall semester for many reasons – it seems to go by quicker, since there’s less breaks and of course, because of FOOTBALL!

Notre Dame v USC

But in Spring, we don’t have either of those. So you may be wondering what USC students do on Saturdays in the spring semester?

Well, there are a number of things:

1)      Other Sports Matches: USC has over 17 varsity sports and many of them compete in the Spring. My friend and I have made a pact to go to at least one game of each sport before we graduate. We haven’t been to Baseball, Tennis or Swimming yet, so those are three that we will be attending this semester!

sc baseball

2)      Hanging out in LA: Naturally, we will use this free time to check out hot spots in LA – whether it is going to Santa Monica or the Grove, or just going to watch a movie, we will definitely find something to do in LA that will keep us busy!


3)      Sleep: As college students, we don’t always get as much sleep as we need, but during the Spring, it would seem as though we would have the time to catch up on it. This usually doesn’t work out the way we plan, but I think I do get more sleep during the Spring!


Maybe I’ll go take a nap now! :P

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Posted on January 22, 2013 by Keanna


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