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Scheduling Spring Classes

The time has come to register for Spring 2014 classes! It is crazy how fast time has flown by. But after changing around my schedule multiple times in order to make sure that I have the best time blocks, I have officially registered for all my spring 2014 classes! I am now registered for:

BUAD 497 Strategic Management

CTPR 425 Production Planning (elective)

ACCT 372 Internal Reporting Issues

ACCT 373 Introduction to Auditing and Assurance Services

ACCT 473 Financial Statement Auditing

ACCT 474 Tax Issues for Business

ACCT 470 Advanced External Financial Reporting Issues

I love how simple and accommodating the registration process is here at USC. While I have heard from my friends at other universities about how quickly their classes fill up, I have never encountered the problem of being unable to register for a required class at USC. Also, my advisor has been extremely accessible and accommodating in helping me create my Course Plan!


I will be taking 18 units for next semester, so that I can graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting by the end of my junior year. This will allow me to pursue a Master of Accounting degree during my senior year! I was able to do this thanks to the help of my advisor, who helped me map out the courses that I would need to take to achieve this goal.

As you can see, I will be taking a lot of upper-division Accounting courses during spring semester. Luckily, I will be able to balance this out with a 2-unit elective course at the School of Cinematic Arts!


One of the great things about USC is that students can take courses across different schools. I’m excited to take Production Planning at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, because it will be the first film-related class I have ever taken! This class is also specifically open to non-majors.

At USC, there are so many opportunities that sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all of my options! When choosing what class I wanted to take as a 2-unit elective, I debated between taking International Ballroom Dance, Yoga, The Rise of Digital Hollywood, and Production Planning.

Overall, even though it may seem overwhelming at first, the web registration process at USC is very simple and straightforward. There is almost always space for every course, especially if that course is required for your major. All of my friends and I have successfully been able to stick with the Course Plans that we designed our freshman year, because we never had trouble signing up for a class that we needed to take. This is definitely one of the perks of being a USC student!


Posted on November 12, 2013 by Michelle


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