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School, Study Groups, and College Life

Late nights, coffee, and no sleep. The latter are the stereotypical thoughts that cross ones mind when thinking about studying and college students. And while there are those nights where you stay up pretty late to finish an assignment and thank Starbucks for that little white cup of coffee, not every night is that way. So here are some of my tips for avoiding late nights and learning how to studying in college:

  1. Organize your schedule and your time

Make sure to manage your time wisely. It may seem like a simple enough thing, but sometimes it’s this one step that helps to make your life a lot easier. So pencil your life in a planner.

2. Get to know people in your classes

Always make sure to get the numbers of at least three people in your class, in case you don’t understand something, forget an assignment etc. This is the trojan family and we are all here to help one another, even in the form of a study group!

3. Go to office hours

Your TA’s and Professors are always willing to sit down and help you with the material. While they may seem a little intimidating, understand that they are just human and understand the pressures that come with school. So, make sure to have an open conversation with them, and they may even grant you an extension on that paper you have due on Wednesday, along with your two midterms you’re studying for.

4. Find a good study spot

Everyone has there own place where they feel the most focused and motivated to study. There are a ton of spots on campus, some that a lot of people know about, like Leavey and Doheny, and some that not everyone has explored yet. So find what works for you!


Lastly, remember that everyone is different. Some work better at night and others during the day. It takes time to get used to studying and how to manage your schedule so try your best and adjust from there! Yes, college is about studying and learning, but its also about growing and developing as a person too. So, don’t forget to make a balance between your study life and your social life.


You’ll do great I’m sure :)


Posted on February 18, 2016 by Milan Carter


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