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So what does a USC student do over Winter Break?

After a couple consecutive grueling weeks of final exams, Winter Break is always the perfect opportunity for some much-needed relaxation time. While it’s always a bummer to say goodbye to your friends for a few weeks, it’s really nice to go home during the holidays where you can see family and old friends, and most importantly, catch up on sleep! This past Winter Break, I can assure you that I got plenty of that relaxation and rest I was looking for, but there was also some serious stuff for me to get done as well.

Because my parents made the move down to Southern California over this past summer, this was actually my first Winter Break away from my hometown in NorCal. Although it felt weird not to be seeing my high school friends from back home on a daily basis, the best part about being in Southern California over break was that I was able to go to the USC bowl game for work! Since the end of freshman year, I’ve worked part-time as a videographer for the USC football team, which basically means that I’m part of a team of students that is responsible for filming all of the football team’s practices and games. With USC going to a bowl this year, a few members of the crew including myself were given the opportunity to go to El Paso to film throughout the bowl week, which ended up being a ton of fun! Being in Texas for the first time was definitely an interesting experience, and I can say without any doubt that I ate the best Mexican food I’ve ever had in my life during that week (we were only a couple miles from the border, so the food was pretty authentic)!

Sun Bowl

A week or so after I got home from El Paso, my aunt made the drive from NorCal to visit us in Southern California. We actually used to live in the same neighborhood as my aunt back in my hometown, so it definitely feels a little weird not to see her as often as we used to! But it was great to see her again over Winter Break, in a week that was mainly filled with watching college football, eating, and playing some family games.

After my aunt headed back up to NorCal, my focus shifted to a more serious task as I started getting prepared for internship interviews with several of the Accounting firms. One of the best things about being in USC Marshall is that, from the first day you sit down in class, you are taught about the soft skills needed to take full advantage of the amazing USC Trojan Family network. Looking way back to where I was when I was a senior in high school, I never would’ve believed you if you told me I would have developed enough of a network by Junior year at USC to be sitting for three in-house internship interviews, but I guess that’s just the power of the Trojan Family!

Big 4 Firms

All things considered, I loved the time I had off over Winter Break. I had plenty of time to relax with my family, but between the bowl game and the interviews I was also kept fairly busy, which made the break seem like just the right amount of time off. But once break got down to the last few days, I couldn’t wait to be back, and now it seems like a long time ago that I was back at home hanging with my family!


Posted on January 30, 2013 by Bennett


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