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Spending Time Between Classes

While going to class is a major part of the undergraduate experience, the time you spend between classes also defines a component of your everyday college life.


I go to the accounting library quite frequently because I really like the study environment there. However, I also like to socialize in the library because I often see my accounting friends getting some work done as well. It’s always nice to have some company when doing homework or studying for exams.


Sometimes, I’ll have enough time between classes to go to the gym! I always enjoy a nice cardio workout that will help me feel reinvigorated and healthy!


We can’t get through the day and pay attention in class if we are hungry! Between classes, I might grab a breakfast burrito from Seeds or buy a delicious burger from the Habit Burger. YUM!


During midterm season, when I feel super stressed from school, I often go back to my apartment or go to a practice room and play some piano in order to relax, even just for a short period of time. Music is like therapy for me, and it’s important to always find some time to recharge.


In college, you have the freedom to decide what to do in your free time. I’m sure you’ll find the things you enjoy doing to pass the time between classes and to ensure that you are productive, healthy, and happy!


Posted on April 1, 2014 by Tiffany


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