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Springfest: One of USC’s Best Traditions

I am super excited today! It just so happens that my favorite day of the school year is here: SPRINGFEST. To put it simply, Springfest is essentially a mini-carnival that occurs every spring semester on McCarthy Quad. Famous music artists perform all day, while students have their choice of food trucks, vendor tents, and various other activities. The event starts at 12PM, but it starts getting really good at night when the headlining acts perform. This year, Diplo, Tyga, and New Politics are performing, and I can’t wait to have a great time tonight to celebrate a busy week of midterms and projects!

Even though I am only in my second year, this will be the third Springfest that I will be going to. The first one that I went to took place in 2012, when I was a senior in high school. My brother was a senior at USC, and he brought me on-campus to check out the festivities. I was hooked immediately. I remember watching and listening to Wolfgang Gartner, Anberlin, and Macklemore (before he became really famous too!). Springfest that year made me love USC even more.

Last year didn’t disappoint either. The headliners that year were Big Sean, A-Trak, Travis Barker, and Mix Master Mike (from the Beastie Boys). I especially had an awesome time when Big Sean started performing because I knew a lot of his songs already. I remember being near the front of the audience with a lot of my floormates, just screaming the lyrics to his songs. One of my floormates even caught Big Sean’s hat that he threw out into the audience!


Travis Barker, right, and Mix Master Mike





Big Sean


Springfest is my favorite tradition at USC because it serves as a well-needed break from a long year of working hard. It’s a time when we students can just take a few hours off our busy schedules and relax and have fun. It doesn’t hurt that USC Program Board and Concerts Committee always do an excellent job organizing and sponsoring the event. Here’s to having a great Springfest 2014 as well!


Posted on April 5, 2014 by Brendan


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