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This summer I had the pleasure of working for Gordian Dynamics.  Gordian is a Healthcare IT firm located in Laguna Niguel, California.  I have a close relationship with the CEO (I used to mentor his kids), so I applied in the winter and was all set to go for summertime!

Gordian is a relatively new company, only three years old.  What they do is a form of consulting work where they implement technologies into Healthcare providers (like hospitals) to improve efficiency, accessibility, security, and productivity.

I was working on the corporate side and essentially had two responsibilities as a summer intern there. For starters, I helped the company establish a new marketing front and helped our Marketing Manager in establishing Gordian as a premier brand in the industry. Secondly, I worked directly with the CFO of the company in creating a business plan.  I highlighted where Gordian was, what they wanted to get to, and how they were gonna get there.  I spent all summer studying Gordian’s culture, its talent and organization, competitors, and created a pro forma highlighting the financial aspect of the company, and what Gordian would look like from a numbers standpoint if they grew organically or with outside investment. At the end of the summer I got to turn in the business plan to the CEO himself and present it!  It was truly a great experience, and what I learned in such a small amount of time was invaluable.


Posted on September 3, 2015 by Josh


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