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Technology Use in Class

As an accounting major, I am currently taking ACCT 371: Accounting Information Systems with Leslie Porter. In this class, I am learning about different technologies and computer programs used by public accountants.


Currently, we are learning how to do pivot tables and vlookup in Excel. Earlier in the semester, we covered how to use Access, Visio, and Dynamics. I learned how to create data flow diagrams on Visio and how to combine tables in Access. Before taking 371, I didn’t even know that a program like Access even existed!

After talking to some of my friends who graduated from USC Leventhal and went on to work for public accounting firms, I realized that the professors at Leventhal/Marshall really know what they are doing. All of my friends who interned or worked at accounting firms told me that they have used programs like Access or Dynamics at work, and that taking ACCT 371 at Leventhal helped them have a head start over other interns who weren’t familiar with such programs.

I think it’s great that as students, we have access to technologies and programs that working professionals use. It feels good to know that what I am learning now will benefit my career in the future!


Posted on November 19, 2013 by Michelle


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