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“The Omelette Guy” – My Freshman Dining Experience

“What have you eaten today, Lydia?” I vividly remember my mother asking me this question almost everyday during my Freshman year. I can’t tell you how many times my family lovingly reminded me how important good nutrition is to be a productive, active student. They repeatedly reassured me that I was welcome to buy food if I did not want to eat “that cafeteria food.” Little did they know, “that cafeteria food” at USC is actually quite delicious!

As a resident of Parkside International Residential College, my cafeteria of choice was Parkside Cafe located in the southwest corner of campus. Parkside always has a huge variety of options available, including an all-day full salad bar, countless cereals, frozen yogurt, juices, burgers/sandwiches, french fries, daily hot meals, and several other tasty selections. But, my favorite memory from my Freshman dining experience is undoubtedly “The Omelette Guy.” Every morning after rowing practice, I would visit Parkside for my daily omelette prepared with care from the same Parkside Chef. Not only was it nice to be greeted with a friendly smile, he eventually memorized my omelette order and began preparing it as soon as he saw me in the morning!

With great food and fun memories with my friends, my Freshman dining experience was definitely a highlight of my first year. I will always cherish the time I spent having Tallest Frozen Yogurt Cone Competitions with my friends and the unique memories I made with Parkside staff. As a Freshman, I was hungry for knowledge and yummy food – USC provided me with both!



Posted on November 13, 2013 by Lydia


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