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The Quest For Success

Success. We all talk about it, we all want to be successful in one way or another, but it isn’t always easy to identify what constitutes success. As I made the change from high school to college, I came to realize that success in high school is very different than it is in college.

For the majority of us, myself included, high school at its core was a means of preparation for college. Being successful in high school relied heavily upon getting into a good school. So what happens to the definition of success in college?

To me, a major part of success in college is learning to be more independent. College isn’t a time to rely on others. Rather, it is a time for you to develop as an individual and determine your OWN path in life. Furthermore, it is defined by a balanced effort to network in a new environment, get involved on campus, manage all of your commitments and perform well academically.

While some say success is defined by the job you get upon graduation, I see it as being able to look back on your college years and being able to say without hesitation that you wouldn’t change a thing. Let it be known that success in college is not entirely defined inside the classroom. You will be successful because of the people you meet, the relationships you form, the internship opportunities you take and the experiences you have doing it all.




Posted on January 19, 2013 by Cameron


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