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The Summer: A Chance to Continue my Professional Development

There’s one week of classes left! The semester has gone incredibly quickly, and while I’ve loved continuing to learn in the classroom and increase my knowledge and skill level, I am excited to put that skill to use and continue to learn in a professional setting through a summer internship. So what am I doing for this summer? Being from New York, it was one of my chief goals was to go back home for the summer and secure an internship in New York City. However, even more so, I wanted to find an opportunity that will provide me with a valuable learning experience and not an internship where I would constantly go get coffee or do administrative work.

My home for the summer: the great New York City

My home for the summer: the great New York City

Well, I lucked out and was able to achieve both of those goals and secure a great summer internship in New York City. I’ll be interning at a boutique investment bank called StoneCastle Partners, where I’ll be one of 3-5 interns working in the investment banking division of StoneCastle. The best part about this is that I’ll be working under one of the senior members of the firm. I know that I’ll receive a great learning experience at StoneCastle where I’ll be able to experience what it’s like in the investment banking environment, and strengthen my finance skills that will prepare me for my growing career. Additionally, I was able to get this internship through one of my good friends from ‘SC who is also from New York and interned at StoneCastle last summer; she had an amazing experience there and learned a ton. Therefore, I know that I’m going to have a great experience over the summer and I am prepared to put in all the work necessary to learn, even if I have to spend more time in the office than planned.


What’s great about my opportunity is that I break into finance as a sophomore and begin to build my personal and professional self-brand in New York. I’m super excited for my internship, and while I don’t want to leave USC, I know that I will come back a much stronger student and professional.


Posted on April 25, 2013 by Zach


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