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The Trojan Family – not just 4 years, but a lifetime

When I took my first USC campus tour, it came to no surprise “trojan family” was mentioned within the first 5 minutes. Growing up, I remember the battle of schools: my mother, a USC alumna, versus my father, a University of Michigan Ann Arbor alumnus. The competition: which school was best. The result: my mother prevailing by using the trojan family to deliver the knockout punch. She claimed USC produced alumni that continued to be dedicated to the school after 4 years (unlike how the fair-weathered Wolverine football fans were).

And it’s rung true.


The strength of a powerful alumni network could do wonders for you in the future. For me, it’s seeing the highly-dedicated alumni that return every football season to cheer on their team regardless of their record, “Trojans hiring Trojans” pins on individuals sprinkled around the on-campus career fairs, and the confidence in throwing the victory sign as you pass someone wearing the infamous cardinal red and gold at the airport. The Trojan Family no longer is just a saying to me, it represents the tangible and intangible sense of belonging to this university and it’s students, regardless of how long ago you graduated. And you can’t find that strength anywhere else.

Fight On…Forever.



Posted on December 1, 2016 by Kristi Sakai


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