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As a freshman, I didn’t expect to be exposed to very much of USC’s vast alumni network – while upperclassmen had internships and after-graduation jobs to be worrying about, I was still trying to figure out how to make my dining dollars last the entire semester (pro tip: coffee is not necessary on days you don’t have lectures to sit through). Coming into USC, I distantly knew that the famed Trojan Network would certainly help me find career opportunities in California, which is where I plan to stay after college, but I certainly didn’t expect the amount to which our alumni network influences non-career oriented parts of life as well.

Marshall’s lifeblood is in large part its alumni. Throughout the first semester of the Global Leadership Program, all of our speakers were connected to Marshall in some way, usually through having studied here as an undergrad or MBA. Seeing our alumni doing things like being in the C-suite of Disney Hong Kong or heading up their own private equity firm opened my eyes to the huge variety of careers Marshall sends its students to. Furthermore, getting the opportunity to speak to some of these people personally and get their advice on my own interests was invaluable. This semester, many of our company visits in Shanghai and Beijing and summer internship opportunities have been fostered by the USC alumni presence in China – we truly are an international school.

As far as non-academic aspects of the Trojan Family, that loyalty to USC really came into play during football season. From Parent Weekend to Homecoming, it was incredible to see generations and generations of Trojans arriving on campus to celebrate USC and cheer on our team to victory. Those two weekends were when it really hit me how huge the Trojan Family is – it’s not just students but their own families as well. When I’m figuring out what exactly I want to do career-wise in the future, I know that the connections USC gives each of us will greatly help me achieve whatever I want.


Posted on March 9, 2016 by Simran Singh


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