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USC Football games are an essential experience to any Trojan.  Although our football team has been through a lot recently… with scholarship and post season sanctions, we have continued to recruit players with promising talent.  Despite some painful losses, we had a triumphant victory that I will never forget.  Our 50-0 victory against UCLA, my sophomore year, is probably my most memorable football moment. 

The famous rivalry between USC and UCLA has lasted for generations and continues to push both schools forward in not only sports, but also academics.  On top of the caliber of its students, the close proximity of both schools is something that rarely exists with rival universities.  Seeing the buildup of our school in that memorable game was unreal.  Feeling the triumph of such an amazing victory with USC was truly a time when I was proud to be a Trojan.  In all fairness, I have to mention that UCLA came back around and beat us fair and square a year later.  But hey, although our rivalry may seem destructive at times, there is a mutual relationship of competition that makes us both greater schools than we would ever be without each other.


Posted on October 7, 2013 by James


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