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Wanna Learn More About Yourself?

Yes, GE’s are required for all students, but there are SO many to choose from that you’re bound to stumble upon one that might enlighten you on something you never knew about yourself! So far, I’ve taken five GE’s and all of them have been quite engaging and adventurous.


Arts and Letters: Democracy, Dissent, and the DaVinci Code – Catholicism in America (GE 5)



This class helped me explore the history and hot button issues of my own faith, as well as hear how others of different perspectives received the information and instigated engaging discussions (and sometimes, even heated debates!).


Religion and Ethics in LA (GE 6 and Writing 140)




The GE and Writing combo introduced students to the highly diverse and unique religious microcosm of Los Angeles and allowed us to delve into a specific religion we may not have been knowledgeable about. My group explored the Vedanta Society and how it incorporates people of all religions to follow fundamental principles of the Vedas from the Hindu culture.


Science of Human Performance (GE 3)


As a class that familiarizes students with procedures and studies related to measuring one’s fitness and performance levels, all of the labs incorporated data specific to the students’ measurements and test results, making the findings much more personal and applicable to our own lives. The experiment above is one way to measure the percentage of body fat by utilizing the law of buoyancy.


None of these suit your interests? I have absolutely no doubt you’ll find a GE that will!


Blessings and Smiles,

Larissa Purnell





Posted on October 13, 2013 by Larissa


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