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What are my goals for the Spring semester?

With Fall semester behind me, things have gotten a lot more relaxed for me and my schedule. Taking only two accounting courses, ten units of Ethics classes, and a couple units of ceramics, I can already notice the difference in what a lighter semester feels like. Also, with football season over, I don’t have work on most weekday mornings like I did during the Fall – things are definitely less busy.

So, with a less busy schedule, what are my goals for this semester? One of my more trivial goals was to finish Seasons 1 & 2 of Walking Dead, which I was able to achieve in the first week – MUCH sooner than I expected (the show is extremely addictive).

Walking Dead

Aside from watching 21 episodes of Walking Dead, one of my more serious goals for this semester is to get enthusiasm and excitement from this semester’s newest Beta Alpha Psi members. Beta Alpha Psi is an on-campus honors organization for Accounting students, and is mainly concerned with teaching students how to network and interact with professionals. As a current Student Advisor and past VP for Beta Alpha Psi, I love having the opportunity to get involved in the organization’s events and recruitment. One of the most fun times in the semester is during this second week of school, in which we hold our first general meeting and our welcome barbecue, which each represent important opportunities to connect with our prospective new members and make them feel welcome in the organization. One of the reasons that I feel I have gotten so invested in Beta Alpha Psi is because of the board members that introduced themselves to me way back at my first welcome barbecue, and those people became extremely important mentors for me after I decided to join the organization. So, looking back on my experience, one of my biggest goals for this semester is to get the new members truly excited about being part of such a great organization.

BAY Picture

One of my other (and less important) goals for this semester is to make a 3-foot vase in my ceramics class. Having taken a ceramics class in high school, I feel like I have a very small level of training and understanding of how to wheel throw, and making a large vase has always seemed like the ultimate test of your wheel throwing skills (not to mention how awesome it looks). As a quick side note, my family actually just moved to a new condominium in Claremont, which is east of USC, and the condo has about a 4-foot-tall opening for a sculpture that is currently empty. If everything works out in my ceramics class like I hope it will, that won’t still  be empty in a few months!

Ceramic Vase

One of my final goals for this semester is to make a strong connection with one of you amazing prospective students! Way back when I was making my college decision, having the opportunity to meet a current USC student after hearing him speak on a panel was actually what gave me the final push into being confident and excited about fitting at USC Marshall. Nothing feels better than being able to have that same sort of impact on a prospective student now that I’m on the other side, so please don’t hesitate at all to reach out to me!!



Posted on January 23, 2013 by Bennett


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