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What Are You Passionate About?

In my opinion, the best part about being a business major is having the opportunity to shape what you’ve learned and apply it to what you’re passionate about. However, this blessing can also be a curse, especially when you’re like me and have a multitude of interests.


I think many business students come to this major thinking that they need to try investment banking, accounting, consulting, and many of the other prestigious and lucrative careers in order to get a sense of whether the business school is truly the right fit for them. Yes, many students do end up on the paths leading to these careers and yes, Marshall does a phenomenal job preparing students for these careers. That being said, what I value most about Marshall is how it also caters to students who fall off the beaten path, so to speak, and are still searching for the job that fits most with their passions.


Although I am still very unsure of what career I want to pursue, I know there are three criteria this career needs to meet:

1. It allows me to benefit others and bring happiness to them in one way or another

2. It keeps me active – I’m not always sitting at the desk and I am always interacting with people

3. It encourages me to maintain a balanced life with my faith, my future family, and my physically active lifestyle


I’ve contemplated many different avenues from a communications career at Disney to a marketing position at Nike. Lately, I’ve been researching business careers within the health sector and yesterday, and I actually came across a billboard on the 60 freeway displaying Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive campaign. It was quite simple and clear: UKULELES = HEALTHY with a picture of cheerful woman jamming out on her ukulele. Now this is one of the many examples of KP’s campaign that truly exemplifies the point I’m trying to make – whether you’re trying to improve your health or discerning your future career, make sure the measures you take to get there involve you passions!





Who knows, maybe with good health you’ll see me for Kaiser Permanente when I graduate? :)


Blessings and Smiles,

Larissa Purnell :)




Posted on October 5, 2013 by Larissa


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