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What classes am I taking this semester?

One week of school has passed and I am already excited about my classes. This semester, I am taking 20 units, including 3 upper division accounting courses, a business communications class (BUAD 302T), a music technology class (MUIN 277x), and an astronomy GE class (ASTR 100).  This is a heavy course load, but I want to challenge myself academically while increasing the depth and breadth of my knowledge.

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My accounting classes, contrary to popular belief, are really interesting. In ACCT 370, we delve deeper into the world of financial reporting. While reviewing the basics in the first week of class, I already started to experience the special “accounting tingle” when I get my balance sheet to balance.

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In addition, my other two accounting courses offer me the opportunity to learn about the audit and tax sides of accounting, hopefully giving me a better perspective of which line of service I want to pursue once I start my career.

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Business communications is a class aimed to improve our writing and presentation skills. Honestly, I don’t like public speaking, but my professor is so enthusiastic and humorous that he makes a class I absolutely dread, fun and entertaining. Public speaking is a necessary skill and I’m glad I am forced to take this class so that I can learn and improve.


My Intro to Music Technology class is a way for me to escape from the business/accounting world for a few hours every week. As a YouTube artist, I record my own instrumental covers, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to properly record and edit my music. I’ve taken up a music industry minor and hope to learn in this class, how to properly record so that I can apply that knowledge to my YouTube covers. You can visit my channel here!

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Because I have never taken a science course at USC, I am kind of apprehensive about my GE class, The Universe. However, I always enjoyed doing labs in high school, so I look forward to being able to work in that environment again at SC.


While I have a difficult and packed course load, I am excited to learn all these different topics from awesome professors, while challenging myself to manage my time well and excel in these classes. Wish me luck!


Posted on January 21, 2013 by Tiffany


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