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What Did I Do Last Summer?

Hi readers!

You’ll soon find out that summer in your college years isn’t quite the same as what you’ve experienced in high school. Of course, summer is always a time to relax and release the stress from a hectic academic year. But if there’s one thing I would IMPLORE you to do, it would be to use your college summers wisely – you only get 3 of them before you graduate!

Summer is a great time to unwind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to learn, gain valuable experience and be productive! Many upper and even some lower classmen decide to stay in their apartments around campus and take classes to fulfill their general education and major requirements. Others may stay to have an easier time commuting because they’ve secured an internship in downtown or another area of Los Angeles. Personally, I kept myself busy this last summer by doing both.

Getting an internship is a great way to gain insight into a particular industry or career that interests you. Not to mention, having internship experience is a big advantage in the recruitment process as you near graduation and are looking for full-time work. It’s also a chance to develop your skills and expertise, and apply knowledge you’ve acquired from your classes in a business environment. This summer I worked at the USC Office of External Relations under the Major Gifts Team in downtown Los Angeles (I had an awesome view from my office, check out the picture above!) The proximity of my job allowed me to stay in my apartment near campus apartment and take a required business class on days I was not working. I was kept busy 5 days a week through classes and work. Many of my friends found internships requiring 40 hrs/week in which case they would work Monday-Friday.


Besides work and class, summer is a vibrant time at USC. More students decide to stay around campus than you would think. Because you will have a less burdensome schedule, with less assignments and exams to worry about, it’s a great time to go out and explore Los Angeles & Southern California. Some of my fondest summer memories include trips with my friends to Orange County, San Diego, Malibu, & Santa Barbara. I even planned a road trip to San Francisco! So take advantage of the free time you do have and get out there. Summer will go by faster than you anticipate!


Posted on October 21, 2013 by Eric


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