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What is Socal Style?

The most striking thing I’ve noticed about fashion at USC is its diversity. On a given day, you can run into girls sporting crop tops and high-waisted shorts while others are bundled up in thick scarves and winter coats. On the other hand, guys can be wearing anything from bro tanks and shorts to leather jackets and jeans. But this variability is exactly what I like about going to school in California. It is perfectly excusable to lean towards extremes on either end of the spectrum because chances are other people will be too.

For instance, in the beginning of the school year, I love that I can still wear all my summer outfits. Bright colored dresses, maxi skirts, rompers, and sandals make a daily appearance until at least mid-October. How crazy is that?! Coming from Seattle, I couldn’t be happier to enjoy this extended SoCal sunshine. Yet, even when I get homesick, I still get the option of taking out my Northface jacket and rain boots.


Two very different outfits, but these pictures were actually taken the same week!


Another thing I have noticed about USC fashion is the wide spectrum of styles. There’s chic, sporty, boho, glam, sophisticated, urban, vintage—basically everything you can think of, Trojans have got it covered. At times, I definitely feel like I’ve just walked into a metropolitan fashion district. But there is by no means any pressure to dress up. A very fair share of the student population goes to class garbed in comfy tshirts and sweats. Basically, anything goes!

In the end, what students wear to class is both a reflection of their background (what they’re used to) and their personality (what they want to express about themselves). If you’re from the East Coast, you might think it’s never necessary to put on those extra layers. If you’re a fashionista, you might think it’s important to dress to impress where ever you go—be it a classy formal or even Leavey library. But whatever you prefer, the important thing is to just feel comfortable and confident in your clothes, and you can’t go wrong!


Posted on December 7, 2013 by Alina


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