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What Makes Me a Unique Business Major?

We all like to think that we are unique and bring different perspectives to a situation. And in reality this is true, especially here at Marshall among business and accounting students. Aside from my personal characteristics, hobbies/interests, and career goals, I consider myself to also be a unique Marshall student for a number of reasons, which include my hometown and background, the experiences that I have had here at Marshall already, and most importantly by having a second major in Political Science.

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First off, while there are a number of Marshall students from the east coast, how many have come from small suburbs in New York? This background that I have definitely makes me unique, especially because I tend to think that I conform more to the East Coast, faced-paced personality type and lifestyle. This definitely comes into conflict (in a completely positive way) with many of my friends who are from California and the West Coast in general who are more laid back in nature; it’s great to experience that and gain that perspective. But I would say having that perspective and knowing what the business world is like in New York City, definitely makes me a different type of Marshall student and one that people often turn to for advice and questions.


Secondly, the experiences that I have had at Marshall and USC in general, make me stand out from just the average business major. Having the opportunity to travel to Shanghai as a freshman, and then getting the chance to return back to China for the summer to intern through Marshall, definitely makes me a unique Marshall student. How many business majors can say that they have done that? Additionally, my experiences in representing Marshall to prospective students (like yourselves) and speaking on panels as a freshman has allowed me to sharpen my professional skills and stand out from the hundreds of other business majors in my year. These are just some of the experiences that I have had at USC that have made me a unique business major.


Finally, the most important thing that differentiates me from other business majors is the fact that I am pursuing two separate undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Political Science. What makes this great is that I bring a completely different perspective to the table and to my classes. Being able to take issues and methods of analysis from my political science classes and apply them to my business classes, and vice versa, enriches my learning experience and allows me to contribute a different view and way of thinking to conventional business problems. I decided to take this path due to my strong interest in law, and I haven’t looked back since declaring a second major, which is something not many business students do (outside of doing business and accounting, which is quite common). This is what makes me most unique compared to other business majors, due to the different perspective I bring to my business classes, and my desire to learn everything I can about what I am truly interested in.

At Marshall, it’s extremely important that you differentiate yourself and display why you are unique as a business major. While everyone has their own backgrounds, career interests, hobbies, and perspectives, by taking certain opportunities and pursuing what you are passionate about the fullest extent you can rise above the average business student and become more than unique.


Posted on February 8, 2013 by Zach


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