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What Makes Me Special

I love people, and I love diversity. That is one thing that I have always been sure of. Honestly, I rarely want to be just by myself. I love meeting people, talking to them, and learning from them.


(Our first football game at the Coliseum)

My biggest motivations, as well as inspirations, come from the people surrounding me. I really believe that there is always something I can look up to from everyone in my life. This source of motivation is what makes me different from the other Marshall students. Having diverse friends, and being able to keep in touch with them no matter where they are, is such a wonderful feeling to have. I find new knowledge and value in everyone I meet, and I keep that in mind constantly.


(In Seoul, Korea with my choir)

Growing up in an international community, I have always loved spending time with friends and families that come from literally all over the world. I feel so lucky to have had bits and pieces of different cultures as my background. I take pride in truly being a global citizen, and I think that it is what makes me special amongst many Marshall students. Rather than identifying myself with one culture, I relate to pieces of different values and traits from various backgrounds of people. I really don’t believe that just because I was born in a certain country, I should belong there and call it home. Instead, I love being familiar with various cultures and taking advantage of my knowledge on them.  After coming to USC, Marshall’s diversity and global opportunities further helped me expand that passion for diversity and exploration.


(Traveling in Buenos Aires through Marshall LINC trip)


Posted on January 18, 2013 by Julia


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