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What makes me unique from other business/accounting students…

My older sister and I are ten years apart, and thus, we never attended school together.  That is, until last year when I was a freshman at Marshall and she was a second year MBA student at Marshall.  During my college search, I stayed with my sister when I came to visit USC, attended class at JKP, dined at the Tutor Campus Center, and visited Doheny and Crocker libraries.  Moreover, I was able to attend some of the famed USC football games, as well as the Marshall MBA tailgates, and witness firsthand the tremendous amount of school spirit displayed by the students faculty, and alumni.  This unique exposure enabled me to make an educated and confident decision to apply to Marshall.  It truly embodied all the characteristics I desired from a university.

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Outside the Marshall MBA tailgate on game day!


Because of this experience visiting my sister and the extensive conversations I had with her and her friends at Marshall, I gained incredible insight into USC and the amazing programs Marshall offers its students. From my first day on campus as a freshman, I knew how important it was to not only do well academically, but also to get involved in the Marshall community and take advantage of the countless opportunities that surrounded me as a business student.


The community at Marshall is exceptional and is evidenced by the strength of the Trojan network; it is remarkable how connected alumni are to the undergraduate and graduate populations.  Aside from interacting with peers in class, it is so easy to get involved in the community and meet new people via clubs, sports teams, research opportunities, seminars, guest lectures, and the centers and institutes at Marshall.


Finally, at a relatively young age, through my experience going to school with my sister, I was introduced to the incredible graduate programs that USC offers, not only at Marshall, but also at Gould, Price, and Annenberg, to name a few.




Posted on October 12, 2013 by Alec


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