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What USC Students Wear to Class

The students at USC dress casually. On a typical day, girls will wear shorts or jeans with a nice blouse or t-shirt.


When it is colder, students will wear sweaters with scarfs or jackets. I feel comfortable walking to campus knowing I will not be judged for my style because there are so many different styles on campus. If you feel like dressing up, some girls wear nice summer dresses with sandals. However, many girls also just wear a USC hoodie with shorts and flip flops to class too. Guys wear t-shirts or button-up shirts with shorts or pants.


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Sometimes, because there are many information sessions and interviews taking place during the school day, students come to class in business casual or in a suit. This is normal and no one questions when you are dressed up formally. This way students do not have to change in the middle of the day and can just wear their business attire to class.

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Whatever style you feel like wearing to USC, know that it will be accepted!


Posted on November 21, 2013 by Lori


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