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What’s Wrong with Blizzard Entertainment?

In my BUAD 497 – Strategic Management class last semester, we had a final group project that required us to research a company, find challenges that its facing, and provide recommendations and solutions. When I first read the assignment, I was super excited to start on it because it would afford us the opportunity and experience to work as consultants. I would be able to provide solutions to a real company. I also loved all my group members, and we seemed to work well together in coordinating and distributing different parts of the project. Furthermore, we decided to choose Blizzard Entertainment as our company and as a lover of video games, I couldn’t wait to research more about it.

However, as I started to research the company, I discovered that the company was doing really well and it was difficult for us to find challenges. My group members and I had to do intensive research in order to find any flaws in the company. We had to stay up past 1 am for several of our meetings. The challenges we ended up presenting are:
– Continuing to capture value from hardcore gamers
– Keeping users engaged, enhancing network effect
– Coming up with new content

The solutions we presented are:
1. Revamping innovation
– Google inspired innovation
– Cross product teams
– Combining knowledge
– Dynamic team setting
– New gaming education platform

2. Improve User Experience:
– Metagame development
– In-game auction system
– Customer campaigns
– Improve customer service
– Increasing staff
– Lower complaints = less subscription loss

3. Game Developments Based Off of New Trends:
– First mover advantage in new technologies
– Reduced risk due to strong brand image
– New learning potential

Although it took us a long time to complete the project, we ended up doing really well and even placing second in our class for our final group project!


Posted on April 16, 2014 by Kaylee


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