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As sad as it is to leave college, I’m very excited about my next steps. When I graduate, I will begin working for Coca-Cola in their Sales Leadership Program. I found the job as part of On-Campus Recruiting last Fall. I will be part of a select group of new graduates to begin the 2-year rotational program.


In my first two years, I will be accelerated through three on-the-ground positions as a Sales Leadership Associate. The first two years are meant to educate me on how Coca-Cola’s sales operate so I can understand firsthand what the issues and complications are from the ground up. I will be working in Los Angeles in a territory assigned by the company for my first year and then will move to a new rotation in a different line of the business for six months and a third line for my last six months. After I complete my first two years as a Sales Leadership Associate, if I succeed in my roles, I will move up to become a District Sales Manager, where I will be managing sales associates in the roles I was just in. From there, I can hope to continue working to move up to become an Area Sales Manager or try to move into a different role at the corporate headquarters.


My first two years will not be glamorous, but it will be the best way for me to understand the company from within. I am excited for new challenges and being able to apply the skills that I have spent the last 4 years learning. I know that it will take discipline and determination, but I feel ready for what’s coming next. While there won’t be anymore scantrons in the real world, I know that what I learned in the class and through my extra-curricular activities have prepared me for real world challenges and the opportunities they will bring.

I’m also excited to be joining the company with three other Trojan new-hires, who will be taking on the same challenges that I will be. With them and past USC recent grads, I’m happy to have support from peers who went to school with me and will be experiencing the same new challenges as me. I’m sure that we will all thrive and motivate each other to continue to excel even further.


Posted on April 18, 2014 by Lucas


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