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Year Three at USC

I still can’t believe how much time has gone by since the first time I stepped foot on this campus! The fact that I am a junior still shocks me everyday. This fact was only reinforced during my sorority’s Big Little Reveal at Disneyland a couple weeks ago, when my little got a little! In sorority language, this makes my little’s little my “grandlittle,” and consequently makes me a “grandbig.” The thought of being a “grand-” anything makes me feel so old!



Even though being a junior makes me feel ancient, I have to admit that being an upperclassman has its perks. For one thing, I love walking around campus and seeing so many people that I know! As a freshman the campus seemed so much bigger, but now it feels quaint and familiar. This campus is my home!


I also love that as an upperclassman, I am familiar with all of the buildings on campus. I used to get lost all of the time during freshman year, but now I can easily navigate my way around every building (or most of them).

It’s also nice knowing about all of the study spots at USC. As a freshman, I had no idea that LiteraTea (the coffee shop behind Doheny Library) existed. I also didn’t realize that students were able to study at the campus center in the evenings. Now, I am always making frequent visits to LiteraTea for some afternoon reading, and booking rooms in the campus center for study groups!

There are definitely major perks to being an upperclassman and knowing my way around USC.

In the end though, I know that no matter what year I am, one thing will always stay the same. I will always LOVE being a USC Trojan!



Fight On!



Posted on October 21, 2013 by Michelle


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